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Do’s and Don’ts of Being an Online Personal Trainer

The Do’s and Don’ts of Being an Online Personal Trainer

If you are considering the FFC online personal trainers course it is essential for you to understand the things you are expected to do or not supposed to do as fitness professional. You must realize that like any othePersonal Trainerr profession, a high level of professionalism is expected from you.

There are some norms that you need to follow to be accepted as professional fitness trainer. Before getting a online personal trainer courses in Europe, you must know things you must do or must not do in terms of professionalism. Dangerously Fit Personal Training has more to cover on this topic.

Things You Must Do

  • Get a professional portfolio done. Professional pictures go a long way as effective marketing tools.
  • Always try to follow what you preach. Be fit and healthy. Ideally you should possess a physique and personality that should inspire others to stick to strict fitness regimen.
  • Pay attention to your personal hygiene along with health.
  • You must adhere to client confidentiality guidelines prevalent in healthcare. Always respect your client’s confidentiality, and it is vital to keep all health information of your client private.
  • You must evaluate your client’s unique requirements and determine a personalized fitness plan in terms of his health, level of fitness and goals.
  • Learn to concentrate on what the client is trying to tell you. Keep all channels of communication open between the two of you. Understand and focus on what the client is asking for.
  • Try to provide positive experiences so that the client is enticed to come back to you. Help the client learn the exercise program that he should be doing regularly. Repeat clients are good for your business and goodwill.
  • You must focus your time, energy and attention on your client, while he is trying to learn the fitness tricks. Never let the client feel neglected during the training classes. Pay full attention to what the client is doing and help him every step of the way. Do not take calls and waste time talking and ignoring your client’s needs.
  • Sharpen your skills and polish your knowledge to be accepted and acknowledged as an authority in the healthcare industry.
  • Always follow work ethics and dictates. Function within the accepted scope of practice. Keep in mind the legitimacy of a situation.
  • Keep yourself abreast with the latest techniques and fitness tools. You need to update yourself not just for renewing certification but to polish your knowledge and skills.
  • Keep your equipment safely and properly organized so that they do not obstruct anyone’s way. Remember that you are not the only one using the premises.
  • Always be punctual and try to arrive a few minutes before the scheduled class as that gives you enough time to get ready and get organized for the fitness session or class.
  • Take extra care of newcomers and make them feel welcome by paying attention to them. Encourage the newcomers and see if they are progressing at the right pace.
  • Remember to maintain two distinct social media accounts, one exclusively for your business and the other for your personal needs.
  • Remember to put on your best behaviour, wherever you go at work or at the gym or even online. You are being judged all the time and you are constantly creating a profile, an image for yourself.
  • Be polite to others in the profession and treat them with respect and dignity.

Things You Must Avoid

  • Do not stick to same assessment techniques for every client. You must respond to unique requirements.
  • You must not teach all clients in a similar way following the same techniques and tools for all your students. You should customize unique and personalized fitness plans for each and every client of yours as per specific goals and levels of fitness.
  • Avoid talking too much and do not get distracted while listening to your client.
  • Do not post client information on social media or websites or newsletters without prior written client consent.
  • Do not stop learning or getting updated. The health and fitness scenario is an ever changing dynamic world and you cannot do without updated information.
  • Do not concentrate on working out yourself while in a class. Teach your students, guide them how to go about doing things right.
  • Do not embarrass anyone in a group class. Share corrective cues with the entire class.

You must keep all these dos and don’ts in mind if you are thinking of getting a FFC certification and being a successful fitness trainer.…

Joining a Kids Personal Training Program

Essential information About Joining a Kids Personal Training Program

A kids personal training program is a radical and a life transformation experience. You are able to acquire adequate knowledge on how to eat well and healthy with a accredited fitness professional. You also learn how to treat your muscles by eating fresh and healthy food. Make yourself conversant with this brilliant exercise strategy. You will be motivated by your personal trainer and your fellow gym members. This program is a helpful program for everyone who is in need of transforming their body for the better.  Kids Personal Trainer Courses in the Northern Beaches provided by our child fitness trainers will help point you in the right direction.

It will help in transforming into better, healthier and newer person. There are six weeks with your sessions where you can attend as many sessions as possible with your kids personal trainer. It is very important to attend all your sessions in the gym as the instructors as always happy after seeing new faces. Your personal trainer will take you through one training session in every week.

You are able to meet with the gyms nutritionist who will give you relevant meal strategies and all the knowledge you require to become healthier. The nutritionist and you personal instructor will offer their assistance through email, texts or even face book in the course of the six weeks. At the beginning of your 6 week program, your weight will be measured by your personal trainer.

kids on exercise balls

You are then required to take your own photo at the beginning and keep it. Both the weight measurements and the photo will help you in tracking your progress. After completing your course, you may place your success story in Facebook in order to show the entire world. Also be sure to see how to become a child personal trainer.

Some people are shy of doing this; it is not a must that you do it as it up to yourself. Simply, this 6 week body transformation is yours but not for anybody else; therefore, no one will ask you to publish your results. You should feel comfortable while asking questions, asking as many as you feel like till you are satisfied with the answers.

The six week body transformation can be undertaken by anyone. There are individuals who need to reduce their weight and there are women who need to loss weight of their babies. Thin individuals may need to gain muscles. It is for everybody and all are entitled to the benefits of this program. You are only required to complete a checklist for 6 week body transformation.

Note that there are no prizes, competitions and entry fee but you are only required to commit yourself throughout the six weeks. After attending the session of metabolic conditioning, you are able to control your concentration. In fact, the more efforts you put, the better outcome you will attain. Your muscles should produce certain sound, the lungs should bung and the heart beat like a deep drum.

People who attain amazing outcomes are those who persevere through the pain barriers and emerge out of the comfort zone.

However, your nutrition intake determines everything. You are able to look better while observing a good diet and you will acquire a lot of energy, think clearly and become more productive. If you are serious about transforming and feeling better than you are, try out this 6 week body transformation program. You should set about 1 or more goals that you want to achieve at the end of your 6 week program. You should not forget to observe your diet and complete it daily. However, some activities in you plan are supposed to be done daily while others are done weekly.

For example, if you had prepared to take two litres of water per day throughout the week in your checklist, at the end of the week there will be about seven ticks in that particular box. If you prepared to take two liters of water in three days per week, there would be about three ticks in that particular box. On the other hand, for the weekly box, if you decided not to take more than four alcoholic drinks in a week, there will only be one tick in that particular box for that week . Generally, at the end of the six weeks you should have very many ticks as possible. Finally, if you are only able to put into practice the easy steps outlined above on daily or weekly basis, this will develop as a habit and become a part of your workout by the end of the first three week.

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